Fryers Remain Popular in Commercial Kitchen Equipment Sector

Many within the food-service industry are moving towards healthier options, as consumers become more aware of what they’re eating, but there is still a place for the traditional fryer in commercial kitchens. This type of commercial kitchen equipment enables outlets to create delicious-tasting food quickly, and new trends, such as upmarket burgers, will see a greater use of frying equipment in the future.

fryer in commercial kitchens

Many of the manufacturers in this area of commercial kitchen equipment are developing new lines that meet the changing needs of both food outlets and their customers.

Efficient Oil Use
One of the main issues that users find with commercial fryers is the inefficient use of oil and the need to change this regularly, which can reduce the quality of the food they produce.

Manufacturers have taken this into account, and newer fryers include features such as the automatic drainage and filtering of oil, which can reduce the amount that is required, as the oil life is extended whilst maintaining the quality of it.

Faster Operation
Another problem that cafes and restaurants can find with frying machines in the commercial kitchen equipment sector is the length of time the baskets take to heat up, especially if they are not required all the time. This can extend the time customers are waiting for their orders and reduce the level of customer service that is provided.

Innovative new products, however, offer much faster response times, so the equipment doesn’t have to be switched on all the time, which also makes them more efficient and cuts down on energy usage.

There definitely remains a place in the commercial kitchen sector for frying machines, and in the future we will see suppliers bringing in further developments as they look to offer additional benefits to catering outlets. This will include greater automation, more energy-efficient features, a reduction in oil usage and a wider choice of power options.

At Akro we can help all our customers find exactly the right commercial kitchen equipment for your needs, whether you’re looking for a counter-top fryer, a combination oven or an induction hob. If you have any questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service team.

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